Doug Walsh, the journey

Truly, from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head, loved horses from a young age. Unfortunately, he also suffered from such horrible allergies, he could not follow his heart ... at the time. 

By the grace of God, Doug’s allergies subsided as an adult. Enter Doug’s first horse! Looking at this as a fresh start, Doug began following his passion by learning about horsemanship techniques from some of the best horsemen and horsewomen in the industry. 

Doug spent the last 14 years working with patience, trust and a mutual understanding, rehabilitating severely misunderstood horses while continuing to master the knowledge that the horses teach him.

By setting goals for himself...

His number one goal is to build the best partnership between horse and owner by touching as many horse and human lives as possible. Once your goal is in alignment with your spiritual connection with your horse the connection becomes so much more fulfilling. Doug utilizes his skills of timing, understanding and empathy, to build a connection strong enough to ride bridleless and work horses at liberty on the ground. He has an understanding of how a horse thinks and uses their energy as the key to implementing training tools successfully.

Doug’s specialized skill set envelopes every interaction with horses. His ability to relate with the horse, help them work through their fear, has helped him get through his own fears. This experience created a true language between horse and human.

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