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TRANSFORM YOUR UNDERSTANDING of the deep and powerful connection between horses and humans, find joy and satisfaction in a balanced and fulfilled partnership with your horse!

  • Build Connection | Be in the foreground of your horse’s life 
  • Establish Trust | Become a better partner for your horse
  • Be Present | Find out how to listen to what your horse is telling you 
  • Cultivate Focus | Experience “Can we just stop there? That was such a wonderful moment” with your horse

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Doug Walsh Horsemanship

is for ALL equestrians who long for the tools to build a deeper relationship with their horse!

Doug Walsh is a Natural Horsemanship trainer based in Ocala, Florida. He has a natural ability with horses and allows them to teach him what they need and how he needs to guide them.

He is a pioneer in helping riders truly understand how horses learn and understand, not how we as people understand them.

“Its a privilege for us to have a partnership with our horse. Not a right to a dictatorship.” - Doug Walsh

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All equestrians long for a horse...

who wants to follow them and listen to them. Create a new definition of your relationship with your horse, and your horse will look forward to time with you!
"Doug has a way of opening your eyes, or even just reminding you that our horses want to work WITH us! They need the communication to be clear and simple.  If we will give them the patience to understand our requests in their own timing, they will give us all that we ask for and more. Doug delivers this message with passion and dedication each and every session."
-Lauren Knopp Grand Prix Rider



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