The opportunity  to transform your partnership with your horse.

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Discover your new ability to understand and speak your horse’s language.

Through this online program, horse owners and trainers are transforming their relationships with their horses into meaningful and purposeful partnerships.

Have you ever felt like you and your horse are speaking two completely different languages? 

It feels like the connection and partnership you have always wanted is slipping further and further away as frustration builds, both for you and your horse.

Despite trying everything. . . 

  • Your horse is becoming more and more tense, mentally and physically
  • The trust is gone and your horse is scared and startled by the small things
  • Your riding isn’t progressing the way you’d like it to
  • Even the smallest of tasks, like trailer loading, now feel like massive obstacles

You are not alone!

So many horse owners come to Doug feeling incapable and disappointed, their instincts telling them there is a path forward, but not knowing what direction to take. 

Lesson after lesson, treat after treat, book after book, video after video, you feel like you’ve tried everything and yet the wall keeps getting higher.

There is one root problem for all of this, and the solution is easier than you may think!  All too often we try to train and communicate with our horses in our human language, and we forget that we speak two completely different languages.  One is based on words and intonation, the other on body movements, pressure and energy.

With one small shift in perspective and approach, you will notice changes unfolding quickly, feel empowered, and anxieties diminishing.

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"Doug has not only helped me tremendously, but he has helped many people and their horses develop incredible partnerships that they never thought were possible. Nothing he does with people or horses involves his ego, and everything he does comes from his heart. He is a true horseman and a true professional."

Valerie Lazzara

  • Adapt to your horse's needs and come up with your problem-solving methods.
  • Build the kind of partnership that has your horse looking to you for answers.
  • Assess the situation and know instantly what your horse needs to feel safe and secure.
  • ENJOY working with your horse because you know you are making him happy.

What is the biggest mistake every rider makes when praising their horse? Get to know Doug and a sneak peek into his insights in this FREE video!

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is a perfect complement to any training program.  You will learn to:

Speak Your Horse's Language

Create a partnership developed from trust, respect, and mutual understanding

Navigate new situations with confidence

Cultivate focus to advance your training goals exponentially

Horse as a Second Language includes nine distinct categories of content, each with its own selection of videos to enable you to watch and learn how topics and principles are applied in different situations and with different horses.

Speak Horse

Ground Work

Ground Work to Under Saddle

Starting Under Saddle

Trailering and Loading


Finding Relaxation

Horse Journeys


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"...With his extensive knowledge and understanding of horses, Doug was able to break through and give both my horse and I confidence and excitement to work together again. He calmly and precisely taught us both some basic concepts so important in dressage....release pressure when the  horse responds, separate the front and back of the horse, and allow the horse to think and figure stuff out for themselves." 
Andrea Bayer

Doug Walsh works with horses on a beautiful 31-acre farm in Ocala, Florida. He has spent 15 years helping people understand how energy, movement, emotion, and connection work together to affect how their horse responds. 

Doug helps develop relationships between horse and human that are so profound that the horse will follow the rider's commands even in distractions. He is passionate about helping more horses and their partners experience this almost unexplainable joy and satisfaction that comes from a balanced, fulfilled partnership.

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